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Dana Santi @ Lineage Pilates Vancouver, CA September 22 – 24th, 2017

Dana Santi @ Pilates Midwest Harbor Springs, MI October 20 – 21, 2017

Dana Santi and Frank Zito @Dana Santi Pilates Clarendon Hills, IL November 4 – 5, 2017

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Saturday November 4, 2017

10 – 11am Wunda Chair Workout w/ Frank – $75 (4 spaces available)

10 – 11am Reformer Workout w/ Dana – $75 (4 spaces available)

11 – 12pm Spine Corrector Workout w/ Frank – $60 (6 spaces available)

11 – 12pm Wunda Chair Workout w/ Dana – $75 (4 spaces available)

Observation available for the above workouts $10/hour. Fee is waived if taking a lesson.

12:30 – 2:30pm The Men’s Exercises w/ Frank – $100  – We will review the ballet stretches, inner thigh work and Cadillac splits in this workshop.  JUST KIDDING!

This will be a review of classical Men’s exercises developed by Joe, but are largely ignored in today’s studios.  Let’s learn some of the specific exercises on the Reformer, Cadillac, Mat, Push Up Device that appeal to your male clients.
We will also explore some common issues that many men face.  As we become familiar with the “men’s exercises” we might realize that they aren’t just for men.  Women love doing this work too.  Pilates is for everybody and every body!

2:45 – 4:00pm Reformer Re Defined w/ Dana – $60 – Free yourself from following such a strict reformer regime. As we explore the exercises that can be done on the reformer, let’s have fun and explore all their other places as well!

4:15 – 5:45pm Arm Springs w/ Frank – $75 Arm springs are the step-children of the Pilates studio.  They are cute to look at, but nobody truly loves them.  Well, we WANT to love them, and after this workshop you will not only love them, you will adopt them (into your own practice).
Let’s learn the exercises again for the first time.  We will group exercises into sequences.  And we can group sequences into complexes and make a full body workout with just the forgotten, lonely step children…….er……Arm Springs!

Sunday November 5, 2017

10 – 11am Reformer Workout w/ Frank – $75 (4 spaces available)

10 – 11am Spine Corrector Workout w/ Dana – $60 (6 spaces available)

11 – 12pm Wunda Chair Workout w/ Frank – $75 (4 spaces available)

11 – 12pm Reformer Workout w/ Dana – $75 (4 spaces available)

Observation available for the above workouts $10/hour. Fee is waived if taking a lesson.

12:30 – 2:30pm Double – Header!! w/ Frank and Dana – $100 – Let’s explore and sort through different exercises on different bodies…2 different teachers, 2 sets of eyes and 2 points of view. Observe different techniques all the while getting body from point A to point B. We will double your pleasure for double the fun!!!!

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Dana Santi ADVANCED TEACHER TRAINING begins in March 2018
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To gain a new understanding of the classical method and recognize how the method is what teaches the body. Reignite your excitement for exploring the work on your own body and how that will change your teaching…lastly, to truly understand Joe’s genius behind this work.

Weekend 1 (March TBA)   Feet and Hands

Understand how the placement, energy and movement of them is crucial to the work. Learn what their purpose is within the exercises.

Weekend 2 (April TBA)   The Pelvis

Explore the different shapes and how not all of them should be created equal. The pelvis is a large structure that pivots and needs space to work. Understand how basic postures are quick guides as to what is strong and what is weak within the body. Begin to understand how to connect the hands and the feet from the tips to the hips.

Weekend 3 (June TBA)   Muscle Patterns

Take a look at how the muscles run in the body. Understand what you can ask and expect from different bodies by the direction of the muscle. Discover how these patterns are what change the body.

*This program is not a review of all the Pilates exercises. This program is designed to teach teachers (no matter your background) to become independent thinkers, to question what we all learned and gain the freedom to explore the classical method in a whole new light. It’s raw, It’s unedited and it’s time to get real!

Adv. Teacher Training Fee: 3 full weekends (20-22 hours/weekend) $2400

Includes 2 lessons or Skype lessons with each weekend as well as notes, handouts, etc.

Individual Workshops: $800/weekend. Lessons, notes, etc are not included.

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