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Dana Santi ADVANCED TEACHER TRAINING begins in May 2018
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To gain a new understanding of the classical method and recognize how the method is what teaches the body. Reignite your excitement for exploring the work on your own body and how that will change your teaching…lastly, to truly understand Joe’s genius behind this work.

Weekend 1 (May 4 – 6)   Feet and Hands

Understand how the placement, energy and movement of them is crucial to the work. Learn what their purpose is within the exercises.

Weekend 2 (June 15 – 17)   The Pelvis

Explore the different shapes and how not all of them should be created equal. The pelvis is a large structure that pivots and needs space to work. Understand how basic postures are quick guides as to what is strong and what is weak within the body. Begin to understand how to connect the hands and the feet from the tips to the hips.

Weekend 3 (August 10 – 12)   Muscle Patterns

Take a look at how the muscles run in the body. Understand what you can ask and expect from different bodies by the direction of the muscle. Discover how these patterns are what change the body.

*This program is not a review of all the Pilates exercises. This program is designed to teach teachers (no matter your background) to become independent thinkers, to question what we all learned and gain the freedom to explore the classical method in a whole new light. It’s raw, It’s unedited and it’s time to get real!

Adv. Teacher Training Fee: 3 full weekends (20-22 hours/weekend) $2400

Includes 1 lesson or Skype lesson with each weekend as well as notes, handouts, etc.

Individual Workshops: $800/weekend. Lessons, notes, etc are not included.

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